Honeymoon Gift Service

Honeymoon and Holiday Gift Service

When arranging a honeymoon with Devoted to Travel you can take full advantage of our honeymoon gift service. This allows friends and family to contribute to the cost of your honeymoon.

Once your honeymoon has been confirmed we will supply you with cards detailing how to make a contribution. These are usually sent out with your wedding invitations.

For every contribution made, you will receive an email keeping you up to date on the remainder of your balance.

On your balance due date contributions that have already been made will be deducted from your final balance due. Any contributions made after you have paid will be returned to you 3 days after your chosen date to close your account. Your honeymoon account can if you wish remain open until the day you travel.

As one of the most important holidays you will ever have let us take care of every little detail, leaving you to enjoy the journey of your dreams.

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